RIIL State Indoor Championships 2022

Providence, RI


Rhode Island Indoor Track & Field
State Championships
Saturday February 19th 2022
Spectators must purchase online tickets through GoFan to all RIIL Championships.
The link to purchase tickets can be found on the RIIL website here: https://www.riil.org/page/6381
Order of Events
Girls Boys
9:30 High Jump (girls open at 4'8, boys open at 5'6) 1:40
10:00 Weight Throw (followed by Shot Put) 2:00
11:00 Long Jump 3:00
10:00 4 x 800 Relay 2:00
10:20 4 x 200 Relay 2:20
10:35 3000 Meters 2:35
11:00 Hurdle Trials 3:00
Dash Trials
11:25 1500 Meters 3:25
11:50 Hurdle Finals 3:50
11:55 Dash Finals 3:55
12:00 600 Sections 4:00
12:15 300 Sections 4:15
12:40 1000 Sections 4:40
12:55 4x400 Relay 4:55
Slower sections will run first
Times listed are approximate; the meet could progress ahead or behind schedule
RIIL asks that if boy athletes are present at the girls meet that they view from the mezzanine level in the bleachers and not on the competition level, vice versa.NEXT PAGE →→→→
State Meet Entry Procedure
Who Qualifies:
Top 18 entries in individual events (exceptions 24 entries for dash & hurdles),
Top 15 entries in relays. 8 alternates (for 2022 only, will return to 6 for 2021) will be accepted.
Entries will be registered through ri.milesplit.com
Varsity State Meet entry deadline is Sunday February 13th at Noon
Provisional acceptance will be out before Sunday February 13th at 6PM or earlier (via email).
Challenge period ends at Monday February 14th by 2PM
Final acceptance list will be out Monday February 14th by 6PM
This list is final. No changes will be made to this list after this time.
Scratches & Declarations and name changes to relay are due Thursday February 17th no later than 6pm. There will be a Google form used for this process and will be posted to the website; the process will not be done by email. Alternates will be added.
Declarations of alternates must be made at this time and if an athlete is an alternate in multiple events then give order of preference to which event.
Heat sheets will be out by 2PM, Friday February 18th.
There is no entry limit for athletes from a school in an event; although an individual athlete may compete in no more than 4 events (this includes relays). Must adhere to the following policy:
Entry Limits for Individual Contestants
Four individual events
No relays allowed
Three individual events
May be listed on any number of relays but compete in only one relay.
Two individual events
May be listed on any number of relays but compete in only two relays.
One individual event
May be listed on any number of relays but compete in only three relays.
Zero individual events
May be listed on any number of relays and may compete in four relays.
The athlete cannot scratch an individual event in favor of doing an extra relay.
Weather Plans
Weather related decisions that could affect the scheduled dates and times of the State Meet will be determined by noon, Friday February 18th. Schools will be notified by email. Similar information will be available on the RIIL web site. If snow is in the forecast the start time of the meet may be moved up or rescheduled to a later date.
State Meet Officials
RIIL Meet Directors Ken Skelly, Bob Bayha
Field Referee Jon Hird
Track Referee Keith Lawton
Starter Clark Lowrey & Varnum Elliot
Clerks Jennifer Geary & Vin O'Grady
Lynx Operator Greg Beaudetter & Carol Beaudette
Hytek Operator Todd Bayha
Finish Line Greg Beaudette & Carol Beaudette
Jury of Appeals Jon Hird (track), Keith Lawton (field), Jennifer Geary, Joe Bullock, Shaun Horgan (girls), Jeff Parenteau (boys)
Shot Put Joe Bullock, Russell Beaudette & Tom Kenwood
Weight Throw Joe Bullock, Russell Beaudette & Tom Kenwood
High Jump Bob Newman
Long Jump Karen Thompson & Catherine Ratcliffe
Umpires Janice Tetreault, Matt Hird, Dionis Comacho & Valdan Santiago
Announcer Steve Turgeon
Awards Jane Headley
Awards & NE Entries Justin & Lisa Silva
National Anthem Alison Wildgoose (North Smithfield) & Sophie Owen (Smithfield HS)
Trainers TBA
Media Coordinators
(Officials subject to change)
All RIIL meet officials are authorized to report any and all infractions they might observe to the Referees)
Attending athletes & coaches: Only competing athletes as well as coaches that are currently listed on the RIIL website are permitted to be on the competition level of the PCTA. If non competing athletes are on the competition level of the PCTA, they will be ejected from the meet and removed from the PCTA and will face discipline under the rule of an ejected player in the RIIL Rules & Regulations. All spectators will be allowed entry to the PCTA and their admission only allows them to view the meet from the Mezzanine level.
Athlete / Team Entry & Exit: Team buses are to drop off at the _______Street entrance. Buses will be directed to park on Cranston St. At the conclusion of the meet you and your team will need to go to your buses, buses will not be able to pick you up at the facility door. Entry to the PCTA will take place at the _______ Street entrance. Exit of the facility will be at the ______ Street entrance. Upon entry and exit everyone will be counted as to monitor and maintain occupancy restrictions.
Spectator Tickets & Entry: The spectator entrance will be on ________Street. Seats in the balcony area are for paying spectators only.
Team Packet / Bracelet Pickup: Team packets will be available for pick up at the table by the team (Cranston Street) entrance.
Bracelets & Competition Level: To be allowed into the competition level, coaches must wear a bracelet at all times to be allowed in competition areas. Athletes in all events must wear their competitive number and bracelet at all times. This will also act as their means of admittance into the competition area. The infield is a closed area to all spectators, coaches, and non-competing athletes.
Areas for Warming Up, Cooling Down & Drills: Athletes may warm up in the hallways or the field adjacent to the PCTA. Athletes can only warm up on the competition floor once checked in with the clerk for an upcoming event. The Cafe level will also be open to athlete warm ups and cool downs. Cool downs are not permitted on the competition floor.
Uniform Rule: The uniform rule (NFHS 4-3) will be strictly enforced.
Electronic Devices: Athletes may not use electronic devices of any kind in the competition area. The competition area is defined as the entire infield as well as the track itself. This means that athletes warming up on the track may not wear any type of headphones.
Coaches Box: There will be NO coaches box this year, coaches will be allowed to be located on the starting turn outside the oval up to lane 1 of the straightway finish. Only one coach per school at a time at this location. Coaches will be removed on the first infraction if they step onto the oval during competition. If this becomes a hindrance, all coaches will be removed from the turn. The turn adjacent to the weight throw area should not be used at any time due to throwing implements that may make contact with the curtain and anyone standing outside the oval on opposing sides of the curtain.
Check In (Running Events): All individual athletes and relay teams will report to the clerks desk to check in. The clerking desk will be located at the end of turn two. NEXT PAGE →→→→
Running Events: Athletes waiting for their heat will be in a holding area based on the start line for that event. Events which share the start line with the finish line, athletes will be held in the area of the clerk. For events that start adjacent to the throwing events, athletes will be held in the area of the by the start line in front of the entry to the hallway. For events that start at the top of the straightaway, athletes will be held in the area of turn. All equipment will be provided at the PCTA. Standing on starting blocks will not be allowed. Athletes may use ¼" pyramid spikes only. Spikes are not to be worn anywhere outside the main floor area or in the hallways.
Field Events: Coaches will be allowed in the competition area up to 5 minutes prior to the start of the event. All equipment will be provided at the PCTA.
Timers Table: Athletes or coaches will not be allowed to approach the timers table. Coaches should seek out the meet director first before approaching the timer's table.
Awards: The awards will be issued and announced at the conclusion of each event at the awards table on the infield. Coaches will not be allowed on the infield for awards, please wait for your athlete outside the oval after they are recognized. Distribution of awards will not wait for recipients.
New England Championships (link): New England entries must be declared at the awards table on Saturday. The awards area will be at the end of the Pole Vault runway. New England entries will be emailed to coaches by noon Sunday. There will be a 24 hour challenge period, once that time expires those entries will be confirmed and no additions will be made. A final list will be emailed out to the coaches and submitted as the RI entry for The New England Championships.
Preferred Lanes
55 Meter Dash & 55 Meter Hurdles the preferred lanes are 4-5-3-6-2-7-1-8
4 x 200 & 300 Meter will have lane 1 Open, the preferred lanes are 5-6-4-3-2
4 x 400 & 600 Meter all lanes will be used, the preferred lanes are 5-6-4-3-2-1
Ties for performances in events
Ties that fill the field beyond respective fields (top 24 in dash & hurdles, top 18 in all other individual events, top 15 relays) will be listed as alternates and treated as such. Tied alternates will be allowed if there are enough scratches to accommodate all tied alternates. Ties will count towards alternates.
Vertical Events -- Tied entries will be taken as long as the field does not exceed 20th. If ties go beyond 20th, then all entries that are part of the tie beyond the 20th will be treated as alternates. Tied alternates will be allowed if there are enough scratches to accommodate all tied alternates.
Seeding for the 1000 Meter & 1500 Meter, Field Event Flights
The seeded and unseeded sections will be split evenly, with the unseeded section going first. If there are an odd number of competitors, the seeded section will have the additional runner. Twelve (12) or fewer competitors will be run as one section.NEXT PAGE →→→→
Check In / Out for Field Events
All athletes must check in prior to the start of the event.
Athletes must check out verbally with the official and check back in with the official verbally upon return. The maximum allowed time an athlete can be checked out is 10 minutes.
Camera / F.A.T.
If the camera does not capture for FAT's in the preliminary rounds of the dash or hurdles, the heat will be re-run after the last preliminary heat of the event.
Situational Examples for Scratches & Declarations:
EXAMPLE #1: "My" School 4x200 relay team is currently #16 on the list…top 15 are accepted…you must declare that your relay team will run, if there is a scratch in the top 15 teams.
EXAMPLE #2: John is entered in the 1000, 1500, 3000, 4x400, and 4x800. He can only compete in 4 events and he is locked into 3 by the 1000, 1500, and 3000. You need to tell me which relay he will be in. You cannot scratch him from the 1000, 1500, or 3000 to put him in another relay (RIIL rules). Therefore, in this example, even if you scratch one of the individual events before Thursday at 8:00pm, John can NOT run in both relays.
EXAMPLE #3: Bill is #20 on the long jump list making him an alternate (top 18 compete). You have to tell me that he will compete if a space opens up for him to move into the top 18 due to scratches. If you do not declare him available, he will be skipped over if an opening does occur.
EXAMPLE #4: Tony, Mike, Ethan, Jake, Dave, and Bob are entered in the 4x400. Dave pulled a muscle and cannot run. Now is the last time you may "add" Bill to take Dave's place as a possible relay team member. If you do not do this now, Bill is not eligible to run the relay in the meet.