Ponaganset Cross Country Course Walk Through

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Ponaganset's Cross Country Course walk through for this weekend's RIIL Class B State Championships.  Below you can find a course map as well as a written description of the course step by step.

Ponaganset Covered Bridge Trail
5000m Championship X-C Course
Description & Markings
"A senic, moderately-plus hilly 5000m Cross Country Course consisting of approx. 1/3 fields & 2/3 woods
with an all-weather, processed gravel woods-trail surface and 3 bridges, including one covered bridge."
FeetMile/mCourse Mark Description
1ST MILE1,320.25Soccer goal before flag pole - (marked on & even with tree near brook)
2,640.525' before white birch trees (on left) approaching Indian Hill - Tree marked
3,280.81000mMiddle of 4-way field intersection (heading towards tennis courts)
3,960.75132 ft. into Tennis Court Woods - (marked on rock on the right)
5,2801 MILEMiddle of Boulder Bridge - (marked behind rock on Right side)
2ND MILE6,561.62000mAbout 250 ft. before Grand Central Station - (marked on big flat rock on Right)
6,6001.25Just 40 ft. past 2000m - (5 ft. before 1.25 mi. marking on tree) - marked
7,9201.5beginning of Autobon - drainage pipe just before stump on right - marked
8,2022500mCourse 1/2 way pt. - near end of Autobon - marked on small tree on right
9,2401.75Next to A.Saunders foundation - (marked on tree on right)
9,842.43000mNext to 2 boulders @ old leach field path - R boulder & L tree are marked
10,5602 MILES20 ft. from top of parking lot extention hill - marked on rock on right
3RD MILE11,8802.25About 100 ft. before Peter Barnes memorial - (marked on tree on right)
13,123.24000m40 ft. past 1-mi. mark heading toward Cov. Bridge - (marked on boulder on each side)
13,2002.550 ft. past Boulder Bridge heading toward C.B. - (marked on tree on right side)
14,5202.756 ft. before the XC trail sign when exiting the Trail entrance (marked on last tree on left)
15,8403 MILESJust past soccer goal before entering fenced-off track area (564 ft. from Finish Line)
16,3683.1 MILES36 ft. before painted hatch line mark near finish line of track
16,4045000mPainted hatch line mark on side of asphalt near finish line of track
Course Segment Measurements & Descriptions
Distance-(ft.)Course Segment or Loop - ( (F)=Field / (W)=Woods )
430*(F) - Start Straightaway:Starting Line to orange Barrel @ end of start straightaway
1122*(F) - Field Circle:Start straightaway end to Softball fence post near flagpole
478(F) - Softball Fence post to beginning of 2nd trail entrance
747(W) - Second trail entrance , take left onto trail to field entrance @ bottom of Indian Hill
1051(F) - Field Straightaway:Bottom of Indian Hill to trail entrance @ tennis courts
10,704(W) - Entire woods:XC Sign back to XC sign - (2.027 Miles)
1482*(F) - U-turn field finish - XC sign to track gate entrance - (.3526 mi. left to go)
390*(F) - Track gate to Finish Line
16,404 Total(*) = (Must be measured each year to assure TOTAL course distance accuracy)
30%Total FIELD Percentage of Course - 30% - (30.2%)
70%Total WOODS Percentage of Course - 70% - (69.8%)
(Updated October 17, 2020)
Most Requested Course Segment Measurements
DistanceCourse Segment or Loop
.725 mi.Entire field start to the tennis court woods
1 Mile1-MILE - Middle of Boulder Bridge after going over the Covered Bridge
.95 mi.Lower woods loop:Grand Central Station back to Grand Central Station
2500 metersOfficial half way point in the Course - End of the Autobon straightaway
1.67 mi.Alice-in Wonderland Foot Bridge
2 Miles2-MILES - 20 ft. below top of hill near student parking lot extension
2.1 milesBottom of Greenhouse hill - (1 mile to go to Finish Line)
2.3 milesVery Top of Indian Hill (returning) - (12,250 ft. / 2.32 miles)
2.41 milesBottom of Indian (returning) .7 miles to the Finish Line - (.696 mi.)
2.59 milesCovered Bridge (returning).5 miles to the Finish Line - (.512 mi.)
2.747 milesU-Turn Field Finish: XC Trail Signto Finish Line - (.3526 mi. left to go.)
30%Total FIELD Percentage of Course - (30.2%)
70%Total WOODS Percentage of Course - (69.8%)