Ponaganset High School CC Course

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North Scituate, RI

Address: 137 Anan Wade Road, North Scituate, RI 2857

The Ponaganset Covered Bridge Trail 5000m Championship Cross-Country Course is located on the 90 acre rural campus of Ponaganset High School (also known as the Foster-Glocester Regional School District) located a 137 Anan Wade Road in Glocester, RI. The Rhode Island Class & State Cross Country Championships have been held on this same course 5000m course since 2003 - as were the New Championships in 2006.

About the Course
A moderately-plus hilly course comprised of 1/3 fields and 2/3 woods, with 3 bridges including a beautiful handcrafted covered bridge. The start and finish of the course take place mostly on the Ponaganset athletic fields (well-groomed grass). The Trail (2 miles long) is on average (approx) 18 feet wide with a surface composed of 1/2" packed, processed gravel. The first major uphill (Indian hill) begins at 1.1 miles (a short, somewhat on the steep-side uphill) into the race. It is followed by a long (.5 mile) downhill. Runners gradually begin to climb again at about the 1.7 mile mark, with a challenging 300m, 2 stage uphill beginning at about the 2.15 and ending at the 2.35 mile mark. Runners emerge out of the woods for a .35 mile finish on the athletic fields that culminates with the finish line straightaway to the finish line on the grassy infield inside of the track in front of the athletic stand bleachers.

The trail is wide, well-groomed and completely absent of rocks, roots & mud. The trail surface remains mud-free in rainy conditions, although areas of the field can become significantly wet. 1/4"-3/8" pyramid spikes are recommended for most weather conditions (there are no grass up or downhills on this course). Coaches & spectators are able to view nearly 2/3 of the race very well, including getting back to the track area in plenty of time to see the finish. Race officials only are allowed inside the track fence, this allows for the entire finish of the race to be viewed by all coaches and spectators. The 1 mile mark is easily accessible by coaches for the recording of mile splits. The 2 mile mark is easily accessible for team managers to record 2 mile split times.

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