Q&A With Recent Georgetown Commit Jack McLoughlin

      We caught up with La Salle Academy senior Jack McLoughlin after his recent commitment to Georgetown!  We have some questions for him about his college recruitment as well as the upcoming cross country season.  McLoughlin is the top returner in Rhode Island and took 2nd at the Rhode Island State XC Championships last year and 3rd at the New England Championships.

      Personal RecordsHigh School
      800 Meter Run2:04.68
      1500 Meter Run4:06.22
      One Mile Run4:52.60
      3000 Meter Run8:36.40
      3200 Meter Run9:25.35
      Two Mile Run10:29.07
      5000 Meter Run15:03.51
      1000 Meter Run2:38.24
      1500 Meter Run4:05.20
      One Mile Run4:20.80
      3000 Meter Run8:44.37
      Two Mile Run9:12.42
      2.1 Mile Run11:22.00
      4000 Meter Run12:52.20
      5000 Meter Run15:23.50

      MileSplit RI: What made you decide on Georgetown early in the recruitment process?

      Jack: Georgetown was always on my radar since around sophomore year but what really hooked me was talking to the athletes on the team during a zoom call. I saw how tight-knit the group was and how they are very evidently all team players.

        Have you had an idea on where you wanted to go or have a set of schools that stood out to you from the get-go?

        I looked at a lot of schools and narrowed it down to a top-five but once I saw the team and talked to the coach more frequently it was clear that Georgetown was the only clear choice for me to spend the next few years of my career.

        What was the difference in the recruitment process for you compared to some of your former teammates or friends that were taking official visits and such?

        I definitely think that it was a bummer that I couldn't go out to D.C. and see the school as well as get to know the athletes more but on the other hand, the recruiting process was definitely sped up because of the cancellation of high school and college season. Coach Bonsey also took a lot of time to talk to me and get to know me during those tough times.

          Do you have an idea on what you are wanting to study in college and how big did that factor into your decision?

          I'm not one hundred percent sure on what I want to study at Georgetown but I have been leaning towards the sciences in subjects like environmental science.

            What's been the biggest difference for you the last six months in terms of training and practicing with no meets and even having the upcoming XC season being in doubt throughout the summer.

            I tried to keep a base throughout my training all summer. It was challenging without races and teammates to run with but a few people from my town and I started to run frequently. For the XC season being in jeopardy a lot of my teammates and I stayed positive and even reached out to some top teams to try to figure out some races of the season wasn't going to occur.

              What are your expectations for the upcoming XC season?

              My expectations will most likely change during the season but I would love to help my team at the state championships by scoring the least amount of points I possibly can. After the state meet as of right now I will attempt to participate in the footlocker regional qualifier to take a trip to the Foot Locker National meet out west.

                What kind of runner do you see yourself being in college? Do you see yourself diving into the longer distance track events like the 5K an 10K?

                Personally I see myself getting a bit better as the distance increases but I will definitely have to experiment a bit when the time come at Georgetown.

                  What's a goal you have set for yourself before moving onto Georgetown?

                  I have set many goals for myself, one is to help my team win a state championship for the second year in a row but my most important goal is to establish a name for myself in the state of Rhode Island as one of the greats.