No More Training At Goddard Memorial State Park?

Runners compete in last week's Ocean State Invitational, held at Goddard Memorial State Park.

For several years, Goddard Memorial State Park has not only hosted two of some of the biggest cross-country meets in the region - the Ocean State Invitational and the Brown Northeast Invitational - but has also offered an ideal training site for a host of junior high school, high school and collegiate teams. 

Now, apparently, there's potential that can all change. After years of allowing schools to use the beautiful, ocean-side trails, the park management has put a halt to any schools training at Goddard Park during non-peak hours. In a petition started by Aaron Rome to DEM Director Janet Coit, he states:  

"Goddard Park is a beautiful and safe setting for youth on middle and high school cross country teams to safely practice their sport. For many years runners have co-existed peacefully with other park users, utilizing Goddard's waterfront trail system early in the morning when usage is low. However, since 2015, park staff have harassed runners, parents and coaches. This harassment, which has been documented, has included intimidation, willful dissemination of false information and refusal to treat running groups fairly." 

Check out the remainder of the petition by clicking here and sign if you feel what is happening at Goddard Park is unfair to our runners!