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2 months ago Live results??
@harrier46.flosports they were live on FlashResults website who timed the meet.
2 months ago Live results??
@harrier46.flosports they were live on FlashResults website who timed the meet.
4 months ago Results Not Showing In Rankings or on Profiles
@macktrack42 if there is something missing from summer club meets you can email the issue to supp...
5 months ago North Carolina HS Coaching Openings
Just wanted to post a place where schools coach post and job openings they had for upcoming XC or...
5 months ago Why no throwing events?
We have field event video and photos going up now. Have full boys hammer and a longer boys shot p...
6 months ago Results Not Showing In Rankings or on Profiles
@egijr they were not in a format that could be read by our system. I went ahead and fixed them s...
6 months ago Meet Director Email
@SayyeauDistanceProject scott.payne@raleighnc.gov
6 months ago Meet Director Email
@SayyeauDistanceProject touranjoe@carolina.rr.com
6 months ago Outdoor profiles not updating with this week's meet results
@GoCavs2003 it has never been automatic. With the increased number of dual meets this season it'...
7 months ago Girls 4X200 Relay
@sandersontrack looks like it was added.
7 months ago Enka Meet 5/11
@lonnie can you send me an email with results? I dont' see them listed jason.creasy@flosports.tv
7 months ago wrong time
@craigdan61 fixed for you
7 months ago Results
@ZGibson52 is something specific wrong? I just adjusted them so they were hand time converted, b...
7 months ago Deleting a meet
@david_hopkins users/coaches are not able to delete meets. If you can send links to the meets yo...
1 year ago Do unattached times count?
Yes, they will count as far as our rankings database goes and on athlete profiles, but for team r...
1 year ago Who to contact to add a school to wake county?
@gonzfernandez just fixed that! Should show by tonight/tomorrow morning. Jason
1 year ago Home school/club team
@ConradGS Yes, the event does allow clubs to compete as clubs. You'll be able to register once i...
1 year ago Entries
@Allan757 we will as soon as we get them. Entries don't close til Thursday, but the competition ...
1 year ago Meet Host
@CoachBetrand you need to go to athletes you wish to enters athlete profile and click "Claim Athl...
1 year ago registration confirmation
@fl1-9be64e61-cd00-4061-b292-7159ded1d102 you should be able to go back into the online registrat...
2 years ago Meet at Southern Pines
@connieloy it will not be
2 years ago Dates
@nicoletteharris they'll be listed here on Saturday [url=http://www.mitchelltiming.com/]http://ww...
2 years ago Will Live Results be available?..
@nicoletteharris what event is this for?
2 years ago Individual Registration
@splicerguy The event is not open to unattached athletes per the registration settings
2 years ago Girls 55m 3A top seed time is 6.64?
It looks like it's a typo. It was a late entry that I just noticed as I don't see that entry in ...
2 years ago Entries
@danielgriffith you’ll have to email chiquana@nchsaa.org and get approval by them after the dea...
2 years ago Va runner?
2 years ago Virtual Meet feature not working.
@tonydawg9 Can you give more detail? I just ran it and it worked for me. What type of virtual m...
2 years ago NXR pictures
@Sgriff2861 shoot me an email jason.creasy11@gmail.com and I'll get you in touch with him. Jason
2 years ago Watch meet
@JakesMomRachel @85Lion we'll be providing updates on Twitter throughout the day on @MileSplit, @...
2 years ago Virtual Meet
@ACDenton @Pabalcer entries haven't been published yet. We will have them when they're out. J...
2 years ago Number of teams that advance
@adorsey2 no, regional directors were to count the teams that had five athletes on the start line...
2 years ago Number of teams that advance
@adorsey2 it isn't finishing, it's starting. I just confirmed with a regional director that that...
2 years ago Some FL times don’t make it into MileSplit
@coachblakewatts if you send us an athlete that is missing we can get them added. It's hard to a...
2 years ago Athlete Rankings
@gofast615 there is a rankings tab at the top of the page. You can change the "Level" field for ...
2 years ago Preordering race shirts
@kevinbackus740 reach out to l_mcafee_2000@yahoo.com
2 years ago Why do we keep calling this a 5k?
I figured it was best to wait til some more results come in to see how it was comparing year over...
2 years ago Jungle run for individuals
2 years ago Importing Cross Country Entries
@bhardy13 your meet director will need to add you as the meet timer. Then you can download it in...
2 years ago Merge Athlete Profile
@IsenhourCS no problem. Found a few various club accounts I merged into the Northwood one Jason
2 years ago 15-16 boys 1500 results
@pr.dom they show now. It might have just taken a minute for 3000+ performances to populate after...
3 years ago North Carolina Coaching Openings
Head Boys Track Coach vacancy: Rocky River Ravens are looking for experienced track coach to fill...
3 years ago Entires for New Balance
@jsanmiguel they'll be on our homepage and pushed out on social channels as soon as they're sent ...
3 years ago Powerade state games
@pr.dom Reached out for results recently and will post as soon as I get them. Jason
3 years ago Final Team Standings
@sd84 Thanks for pointing that out, pasted wrong thing. It's corrected now Jason
3 years ago 3A Regionals
@lonnie The NCHSAA said they'll address this tomorrow at the board meeting. We'll post an update...
3 years ago Invitational
@1521677786 I believe there are two separate meet pages. NCRunners Elite Invitational is Junior/...
3 years ago Heat Sheets
@lifeguard21 you are correct
3 years ago Butler Home Meet #2
3 years ago Butler Home Meet #2
@trackmommango Butler has their own FAT system