Weekend Wrap-Up: Rao Tops 60 feet, National List

It was an all-day affair for Rhode Island athletes on Saturday with the divisional championship occupying the Providence Career and Technical Academy field house from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. In the late afternoon and early night, nearly 50 miles from the capital city., two of our athletes were in Boston competing in the Junior Mile of the New Balance Grand Prix.

Here's a quick glance at some of the highlights:

                          • Ponaganset junior Gianna Rao finally cracked the 60-foot barrier in the 20-pound weight, winning the event with a heave of 60 feet, 2 inches in the Dwyer Division Championship. That distance was not only a PR, but improved her ranking to No. 1 in the country.  Makenli Forrest of Woodward Academy and Throw1deep in Georgia is at No. 2 with a best of 59-11.75.
                          • Portsmouth sophomore Nikki Merrill clocked a state best of 2:59.54 (US #35) for the 1,000m in the Headley Division. She also ran the fastest time in R.I. with her 4:43.82 (US #21) for 1,500m.
                          • Woonsocket senior Jared Briere uncorked a PB of 71-8 to capture the weight throw in teh Northern Division. That distance ranks No. 5 nationally.
                          • Defending state champion Harry Antone ran winning time and near PB of 1:23.67 to capture the event in the Suburban Division. That's his second time clocking a 1:23. A few weeks ago, he finished third at the Dartmouth Relays with an all-time best of 1:23.27 (US #24).
                          • Central's Donatien Djero proved he's capable of scoring high in multiple events, adding the 600m to his list. Along with winning his specialty, the 55m dash, he also ran one of the state's best for 600m where he was timed in a triumphant 1:24.63.
                          • North Providence's Nathan Coogan cruised to the state's second best time in the 1,500m with his first-place time of 4:05.82 (US #29).
                          • Central's Austin Wolo (35.75) and teammate Dametrius O'Connor (36.01) blazed to the No. 2 and No. 3 times in the state in the 300m with their 1-2 finish in the Metropolitan Division Championship.
                          • East Greenwich junior Laura Murphy ran a state best of 41.64 to capture the 300m in a Bayha Division Championship. Murphy also placed second to Woonsocket's Quinn Harlan (7.39) in the 55m dash with a best of 7.50, No. 2 in the state behind Harlan.
                          • At the Bayha Division Championship, defending state titlist Meaghan McGuire of North Kingstown ran a PB of 1:40.58 in the 600m to move to No. 2 in the state.
                          • In the girls' divisional meets, Barrington beat runner-up North Kingstown, 109.5-98.5, East Providence was a winner of the Prout School in the Dwyer Division by a score of 73-59, Westerly beat St. Raphael Academy, 118-69, in the Sullivan Division and La Salle defeated West Warwick, 105-63, in the Headley Division.
                          • The boys' team titles went to La Salle in the Metropolitan Division, Hendricken in the Suburban Division, Cumberland in the Northern Division and North Kingstown in the Southern Division.
                          • Rhode Island was represented by two of our own in the Junior Mile with La Salle's DJ Principe placing second in 4:12.40 and Barrington's Mars Bishop clocking an indoor best of 4:21.0 to finish seventh overall.

                          PHOTOS, VIDEO INTERVIEWS, RACE FOOTAGE

                          RI Divisional Championships

                          Providence Career and Technical School  Providence, RI 
                          Jan 28, 2017
                          1,778 Total Performances

                          Elite Performances

                          Girls (46)
                          55mF 1 1st7.39Quinn HarlanWoonsocket High School
                          300mF 5 1st41.64Laura MurphyEast Greenwich High School
                          300mF 5 1st42.27Marybeth FitzsimmonsMoses Brown School
                          600mF 4 1st1:40.58Meghann MaguireNorth Kingstown High School
                          600mF 5 1st1:41.34Eileen WhalenMount Saint Charles Academy
                          600mF 5 2nd1:42.46Aliya BarrowsSt Mary Academy-Bay View High School
                          600mF 5 3rd1:42.51Colleen EnestvedtCumberland
                          1000mF 2 1st2:59.54Nikki MerrillPortsmouth High School
                          1000mF 2 2nd3:05.65Elizabeth SullivanPortsmouth High School
                          1500mF 2 1st5:07.34Kate ZitzmannBarrington High School
                          1500mF 1 1st4:57.78Leinni ValdezHope High School
                          1500mF 2 1st4:43.82Nikki MerrillPortsmouth High School
                          1500mF 1 2nd5:06.83Camila MichaelsThe Wheeler School
                          1500mF 2 2nd4:50.37Grace ConnollyLa Salle Academy
                          1500mF 2 3rd4:54.43Emily KaneLa Salle Academy
                          1500mF 2 4th4:58.36Julia DempseyCumberland
                          1500mF 2 5th5:07.52Sophia MaynardToll Gate High School
                          1500mF 2 6th5:08.47Emma ShawSt Mary Academy-Bay View High School
                          3000mF 1 1st10:24.28Eleanor LawlerSouth Kingstown High School
                          3000mF 1 1st10:13.17Grace ConnollyLa Salle Academy
                          3000mF 1 2nd10:39.12Lily NunneryNorth Kingstown High School
                          3000mF 1 2nd10:21.60Elizabeth SullivanPortsmouth High School
                          3000mF 1 3rd10:33.07Claire HanlonSt Mary Academy-Bay View High School
                          3000mF 1 4th10:37.09Emily KaneLa Salle Academy
                          4x200mF 2 1st1:48.00East Greenwich High School
                          4x200mF 2 2nd1:48.33Central High School
                          WTF 1 1st50-2Keyarsa HarrisCentral High School
                          WTF 1 1st60-8Gianna RaoPonaganset High School
                          WTF 1 1st46-3Jasmine Gallo-fuscoToll Gate High School
                          WTF 1 2nd49-11Annika KellyBarrington High School
                          WTF 1 2nd43-1Megan CookPonaganset High School
                          WTF 1 2nd43-6.75April YounkinPortsmouth High School
                          WTF 1 3rd46-9.5Faith PolandoBarrington High School
                          WTF 1 3rd42-7.75Nicole ValdezHope High School
                          WTF 1 3rd43-4.5Ani ArmenakyanToll Gate High School
                          WTF 1 4th46-3.25Sydney PolandoBarrington High School
                          WTF 1 4th39-11.25Jianna PenoRogers
                          WTF 1 4th42-1.5Morgan CruzWest Warwick High School
                          WTF 1 5th46-0.75Melissa MejiaClassical High School
                          WTF 1 5th39-10D Mulford-evangelistaCentral Falls Senior High School
                          WTF 1 5th41-7Megan SiebenPortsmouth High School
                          WTF 1 6th45-1Takiyah LewisCentral High School
                          WTF 1 6th40-8Lea FuscoCoventry High School
                          WTF 1 7th44-6.5Chelsea YangPilgrim High School
                          WTF 1 8th41-11.75Katrin KurowskiWoonsocket High School
                          WTF 1 9th39-7.5Marissa HenleyWoonsocket High School
                          Boys (45)
                          55mF 1 1st6.54Donatien DjeroCentral High School
                          55mF 1 1st6.62Leonardo DaveigaCentral Falls Senior High School
                          300mF 6 1st35.75Austin WoloCentral High School
                          300mF 6 2nd36.01Dametrius OconnorCentral High School
                          600mF 4 1st1:24.63Donatien DjeroCentral High School
                          600mF 5 1st1:23.67Harry AntoneBishop Hendricken High School
                          600mF 4 1st1:26.68Adilson Gomes-sequeiraCentral Falls Senior High School
                          600mF 4 1st1:26.07Liam SkellyNorth Kingstown High School
                          600mF 5 2nd1:24.87Cebastian GentilEast Greenwich High School
                          600mF 5 3rd1:25.76Robert MerlinoBishop Hendricken High School
                          1000mF 2 1st2:38.48Nikolas ReygadasToll Gate High School
                          1000mF 2 2nd2:38.89Jordan DagrinBishop Hendricken High School
                          1500mF 2 1st4:05.82Nathan CooganNorth Providence
                          1500mF 2 2nd4:09.00Jordan DagrinBishop Hendricken High School
                          1500mF 2 3rd4:09.05Nicholas CehelskyToll Gate High School
                          1500mF 2 4th4:11.29John PagliaroSmithfield Senior High School
                          3000mF 1 1st9:03.50Matthew WalkerWesterly High School
                          4x200mF 2 1st1:31.84Central High School
                          4x200mF 2 1st1:33.60Bishop Hendricken High School
                          4x200mF 2 1st1:33.62Central Falls Senior High School
                          4x200mF 2 2nd1:34.15La Salle Academy
                          4x200mF 2 2nd1:34.37West Warwick High School
                          LJF 1 1st22-2.75Anthony ShepardSouth Kingstown High School
                          WTF 1 1st62-2.25Kevin FofanahClassical High School
                          WTF 1 1st64-1.5Ivan GoretoyWest Warwick High School
                          WTF 1 1st71-8.5Jared BriereWoonsocket High School
                          WTF 1 1st56-3Jason HoskinsCoventry High School
                          WTF 1 2nd59-3Jacob FarlandClassical High School
                          WTF 1 2nd58-10Abraham SalakoBishop Hendricken High School
                          WTF 1 2nd65-9.5Dilyn CoteWoonsocket High School
                          WTF 1 2nd55-6.25Brian NealRogers
                          WTF 1 3rd58-7.25Jack DunnBarrington High School
                          WTF 1 3rd58-0Ryan MorelBishop Hendricken High School
                          WTF 1 3rd63-3Jacob GreenlessWoonsocket High School
                          WTF 1 3rd54-1.25Tyler PelletierCoventry High School
                          WTF 1 4th55-7.75Jonathan BuchananClassical High School
                          WTF 1 4th53-1.5Rondie AlmeidaBishop Hendricken High School
                          WTF 1 4th59-11.5Garrett DoyleLincoln High School
                          WTF 1 5th53-9Cameron CroceLa Salle Academy
                          WTF 1 5th52-8.5Alex CabralWest Warwick High School
                          WTF 1 5th58-10.5Evan GriversLincoln High School
                          WTF 1 6th53-3.5Michael LunaCentral High School
                          WTF 1 6th55-10.5Derin PaskanikWoonsocket High School
                          WTF 1 7th54-10Matthew ThibaudeauLincoln High School
                          WTF 1 8th53-2Nicholas CaulfieldCumberland

                          New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

                          Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center  Boston, MA 
                          Jan 28, 2017
                          38 Total Performances (2 RI)

                          Videos (8)

                          Articles (13)

                          Elite Performances

                          Boys (2)
                          MileF 1 2nd4:12.40David Principe Jr.La Salle Academy
                          MileF 1 7th4:21.00Mars BishopBarrington High School
                          National Gold Elite
                          National Silver Elite

                          Performances above met the MileSplit US Second Team standard.