Foundation Performance's Michael Silva and the Core Sling

Foundation Performance owner Michael Silva and his staff have put a lot of track & field athletes back on their feet again at his three facilities (Pawtucket, Warren, Plainfield, Mass.). We've featured several informative videos from Silva, a physical therapist, exercise physiologist, and certified strength and conditioning specialist, on RI MileSplit. These videos have given athletes pointers on Building Achilles Strength, Correcting Hip Imbalance, Proper Warm-up Techniques and Battling Plantar Fasciistis. We also posted a number of articles by Silva on our site and talked with him at length for a great Q&A that we also shared with our MileSplit audience.

When it comes to getting one physically ready for maximum performance at any level, beginner to elite, Silva is among the leaders in the industry. In the coming months we will continue to feature his videos with Marathon Sports and any other information that we feel is important to you.

Here's our latest.

Silva, along with Kurt Simon, an Exercise Physiologist and certified personal trainer, have developed what they call a Core Sling, a device created from a medicine ball and one that intensifies stability ball exercises. Below is video demonstrating a mini circuit done with the use of the Core Sling. We'll feature more on the various exercises that can be done with this cool, new device in the next few weeks. For additional information, check out the website at