Virtual Girls Northern Division Projection

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Who are the division-leaders this spring? Judging by this Virtual Meet, which took the top returnees from last year, it looks like Cumberland and Smithfield will be battling it out once again with Lincoln in the hunt, too. How does the rest of the individuals and teams rank? Check it out here!

100 Meter Dash

1Quinn Harlan2017Woonsocket High School12.10 10
2Jaylynne Thomas2017Cumberland12.80 8
3Caroline Adler2017Mount Saint Charles Academy13.30 4
3Hannah Tousignant2017Mount Saint Charles Academy13.30 4
3Lailah Insisiengmay2018Woonsocket High School13.30 4
6Ashley Nicholson2017Smithfield Senior High School13.60 0.5
6Nicole Carpenter2017Lincoln High School13.60 0.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Quinn Harlan2017Woonsocket High School26.20 10
2Caroline Adler2017Mount Saint Charles Academy27.71 8
3Katie Wandrey2017Cumberland28.40 6
4Hannah Tousignant2017Mount Saint Charles Academy28.70 3
4Jaylynne Thomas2017Cumberland28.70 3
6Olivia Sangiovanni2017Mount Saint Charles Academy28.90 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Faye Cournoyer2017Mount Saint Charles Academy1:05.10 10
2Olivia Sangiovanni2017Mount Saint Charles Academy1:07.20 8
3Alexandra Guertin2017Smithfield Senior High School1:08.20 6
4Tanaihya Harmon2017Burrillville High School1:09.10 4
5Mackensie Kennedy2018North Providence High School1:09.50 2
6Makenzi Kennedy2018North Providence High School1:11.60 1
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800 Meter Run

1Colleen Enestvedt2017Cumberland2:26.50 10
2Grace Henson2018Cumberland2:39.90 8
3Ana O'callaghan2018Cumberland2:40.20 6
4Alyssa Vitiello2018Burrillville High School2:41.10 4
5Stella Noecker2018Mount Saint Charles Academy2:42.70 2
6Sabrina Charron2018Burrillville High School2:43.90 1
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1,500 Meter Run

1Sydney Bagus2017Smithfield Senior High School5:00.40 10
2Julia Dempsey2017Cumberland5:05.40 8
3Una Treanor2018Smithfield Senior High School5:12.70 6
4Grace Henson2018Cumberland5:21.70 4
5Ana O'callaghan2018Cumberland5:22.60 2
6Allexandra Asevedo2018North Providence High School5:30.00 1
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3,000 Meter Run

1Sydney Bagus2017Smithfield Senior High School10:57.15 10
2Una Treanor2018Smithfield Senior High School11:03.37 8
3Julia Dempsey2017Cumberland11:23.50 6
4Stella Noecker2018Mount Saint Charles Academy11:40.70 4
5Samantha Leal2017Lincoln High School11:46.20 2
6Grace Henson2018Cumberland11:58.10 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Jillian Beaudry2017Smithfield Senior High School17.10 10
2Madison Gaffney2017Cumberland17.80 8
3Tanaihya Harmon2017Burrillville High School18.50 6
4Margaux Bessette2017Lincoln High School19.30 4
5Hannah Plamondon2018Mount Saint Charles Academy20.30 2
6Alison Banks2018Lincoln High School20.50 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Madison Gaffney2017Cumberland50.80 10
2Marina Schmid2017Mount Saint Charles Academy51.30 8
3Alison Banks2018Lincoln High School55.00 6
4Hannah Plamondon2018Mount Saint Charles Academy56.80 4
5Margaux Bessette2017Lincoln High School57.20 2
6Jillian Beaudry2017Smithfield Senior High School57.80 1
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Triple Jump

1Kayla Ezeama2017Smithfield Senior High School35-3.75 10
2Juliana Goff2018Ponaganset High School26-1.5 8
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High Jump

1Lailah Insisiengmay2018Woonsocket High School4-9 9
1Nicole Carpenter2017Lincoln High School4-9 9
3Abrielle Remick2018Ponaganset High School4-5 4
3Dayna Jackvony2018Cumberland4-5 4
3Kayla Ezeama2017Smithfield Senior High School4-5 4
6Abrielle Remick2018Ponaganset High School4-4 1
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Long Jump

1Quinn Harlan2017Woonsocket High School17-0.75 10
2Kayla Ezeama2017Smithfield Senior High School16-10 8
3Karissa Lappas2017Mount Saint Charles Academy15-0.75 6
4Lailah Insisiengmay2018Woonsocket High School13-11 4
5Marina Schmid2017Mount Saint Charles Academy13-8.25 2
6Madison Gaffney2017Cumberland13-5.25 1
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Pole Vault

1Emily Orticerio2017Smithfield Senior High School8-6 10
2Alexandra Guertin2017Smithfield Senior High School7-6 7
2Theresa Dinobile2018Smithfield Senior High School7-6 7
4Andrea Skawinski2017Cumberland7-0 4
5Andrea Ronan2017Cumberland6-6 2
6Emily Mathers2017Cumberland6-0 1
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1Megan Mcpeak2017Lincoln High School93-2 10
2Victoria Lynch2018Cumberland87-9 8
3Samantha Andrews2017Lincoln High School85-8 6
4Hannah Trottier2019Mount Saint Charles Academy80-0 4
5Emily Stengel2017Cumberland77-6 2
6Valerie Graveline2017Cumberland73-0 1
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1Samantha Andrews2017Lincoln High School109-1 10
2Megan Mcpeak2017Lincoln High School89-6 8
3Elicia Ackerman2017Cumberland80-6 6
4Alyssa Hanzel2018Woonsocket High School72-0 4
5Maggie Tarmey2017Lincoln High School65-8 2
6Katrin Kurowski2018Woonsocket High School63-7 1
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Hammer Throw

1Samantha Andrews2017Lincoln High School138-0 10
2Gianna Rao2018Ponaganset High School135-2 8
3Ariana Mcdevitt2017Central Falls Senior High School126-2 6
4Maggie Tarmey2017Lincoln High School122-1 4
5Lydia Cook2017Ponaganset High School120-0 2
6Alyssa Hanzel2018Woonsocket High School110-11 1
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Shot Put

1Megan Mcpeak2017Lincoln High School33-3.75 10
2Samantha Andrews2017Lincoln High School32-9.75 8
3Ariana Mcdevitt2017Central Falls Senior High School29-5 6
4Elicia Ackerman2017Cumberland27-0 4
5Nayali Cortez2018Central Falls Senior High School24-7 2
6Alyssa Hanzel2018Woonsocket High School24-3 1
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