RI Harriers Compete At Wickham, Woods Trail Run

Smitthfield's Una Treanor . North Kingstown's Lily Nunnery and Westerly's Matthew Walker finished among the top 10 in the respecttive races at Saturday's Wickham Park Invitational, held in Manchester, Connecticut.

Treanor was third overall in the girls' seeded event with a time of 19 minutes, 43 seconds. Nunnery was seventh with a 20:18 clocking. In the boys' seeded race, Walker was third in 16:37.

At the Wood Trails Run in Thetford, Vt., Ponaganset's Sam Harwood was the top RI finisher, placing eighth overall in 17:10.59. Barrington's Elliot Laidlaw was 13th in 17:27.29.

Wickham Park Invitational

Wickham Park  Manchester, CT 
Oct 7, 2017
3,377 Total Performances (180 RI)

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Elite Performances

Girls (54)
4000mF 1 4th17:36.00Sophia NulaEast Greenwich High School
4000mF 1 5th17:58.00Melanie DayEast Greenwich High School
4000mF 1 7th20:33.00Jennefer BermanEast Greenwich High School
4000mF 1 8th20:42.00Tea Burnett-testaEast Greenwich High School
4000mF 1 14th21:27.00Rachel DistefanoEast Greenwich High School
4000mF 1 61st23:46.00Lindsey MigaEast Greenwich High School
4000mF 1 77th24:16.00Leah ValenteEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 3rd19:43.00Una TreanorSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 7th20:18.00Lily NunneryNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 9th24:30.00Savannah WarwickNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 12th20:36.00Leah ChaceEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 13th24:47.00Alexis RomanoNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 18th25:04.00Jillian BlaserNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 20th20:57.00Sophia DegenovaNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 21st20:58.00Ana CaliriEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 24th25:14.00Kassandra MoeningNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 30th21:26.00Madeline HoldenNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 31st21:32.00Ashlyn MaioSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 40th22:34.00Helena Hall-thomsenWesterly High School
5000mF 1 42nd25:32.00Molly SnyderEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 46th21:59.00Keara FontaineNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 46th26:13.00Jackie MorleyNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 47th22:02.00Anna LoganSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 49th22:06.00Olivia JolyNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 54th26:33.00Lindsy RawlinsonSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 57th23:12.00Stella NoeckerMount Saint Charles Academy
5000mF 1 58th26:12.00Lauren LakeEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 60th22:37.00Emma MacDonaldEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 64th22:44.00Rachel BermanEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 65th23:29.00Anna NybergWesterly High School
5000mF 1 67th26:39.00Eva BiancoEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 70th27:27.00Kelsie CroughSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 74th26:56.00Shannon LakeEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 80th23:01.00Katelyn HaberleNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 80th27:42.00Madison BrittNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 86th27:13.00Petra SmithEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 90th23:12.00Mycarthy NewtonNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 106th23:34.00Morgan PriorEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 109th24:24.00Abigail TuranoWesterly High School
5000mF 1 126th28:49.00Grace SearsNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 128th24:55.00Madison LorelloWesterly High School
5000mF 1 133rd24:49.00Kelsey TreanorSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 138th25:00.00Alivia SaundersEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 155th30:06.00Rachael MelloNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 163rd25:40.00Victoria CarreiroWesterly High School
5000mF 1 167th30:25.00Hannah CrossNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 169th30:26.00Lindsey ComeauNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 173rd26:33.00Lauren ChamberlandSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 179th27:05.00Emma PitiSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 183rd27:28.00Gianna MarchettiSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 185th30:55.00Grace EdgarNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 188th31:02.00Victoria FerreiraNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 224th32:52.00Gen LapradeNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 264th38:00.00Lauren BaribaultSmithfield Senior High School
Boys (126)
4000mF 1 1st14:59.00Alex MaxwellEast Greenwich High School
4000mF 1 2nd15:17.00Jack LombardiEast Greenwich High School
4000mF 1 8th15:34.00Ethan MaioneSmithfield Senior High School
4000mF 1 13th15:51.00Zachary IsbleSmithfield Senior High School
4000mF 1 24th16:07.00Christopher OleanSmithfield Senior High School
4000mF 1 42nd16:47.00Matthew AntunesSmithfield Senior High School
4000mF 1 46th16:55.00Aidan SaylesSmithfield Senior High School
4000mF 1 50th17:01.00Keith BeckSmithfield Senior High School
4000mF 1 56th17:09.00Connor ThurmanEast Greenwich High School
4000mF 1 115th18:21.00Alex BrennerSmithfield Senior High School
4000mF 1 149th19:18.00Luke MuoioEast Greenwich High School
4000mF 1 180th19:47.00Sami GangjiEast Greenwich High School
4000mF 1 267th22:31.00Aiden PowersEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 1st17:45.00Jack PerreaultNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 3rd16:37.00Matthew WalkerWesterly High School
5000mF 1 8th19:25.00Jack IannottiNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 8th19:25.00Jack IonnottiNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 9th19:25.00Robert MckayNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 13th19:32.00Joey ConfessoreNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 17th19:43.00Matt UrsilloEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 18th19:36.00Michael NewtonNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 20th17:24.00Derek SullivanNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 21st17:25.00Evan ReynoldsThe Prout School
5000mF 1 24th20:00.00David WangEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 25th18:05.00Alec DevineSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 26th18:07.00Ethan DeBassioSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 26th20:01.00Shane JohnsonCumberland
5000mF 1 27th17:46.00Daniel CollardCumberland
5000mF 1 27th20:03.00Alejandro GallegoCumberland
5000mF 1 28th17:48.00Jonathon WalkerWesterly High School
5000mF 1 28th18:12.00Blake CafaroSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 30th17:53.00Justin GutkowskiNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 30th20:09.00John MardoCumberland
5000mF 1 30th20:21.00Sam GustavsonNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 31st17:30.00Cebastian GentilEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 31st17:54.00John FullerNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 32nd20:10.00Corey BourassaCumberland
5000mF 1 32nd20:24.00Sullivan SearsNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 33rd19:09.00Colby MakinWesterly High School
5000mF 1 36th19:14.00John TuroWesterly High School
5000mF 1 36th20:27.00Colin McgannNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 36th19:14.00John TuroWesterly High School
5000mF 1 37th20:28.00Stephen LandryNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 41st20:18.00Scott CalitriCumberland
5000mF 1 43rd20:25.00Aidan OcampoCumberland
5000mF 1 45th17:54.00Ravi SomvanshiEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 47th18:11.00Zach ShaefferNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 57th18:23.00Lucas DisilvestroThe Prout School
5000mF 1 59th18:41.00Codey TheraultEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 59th18:24.00Owen MolisCumberland
5000mF 1 63rd18:56.00Michael HerchenSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 67th18:34.00Thomas MclaughlinWesterly High School
5000mF 1 70th20:59.00Thomas PurcellEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 70th20:12.00Tyler FaubertWesterly High School
5000mF 1 71st20:13.00Tanner KellyWesterly High School
5000mF 1 74th19:10.00Harry ChaceEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 78th21:09.00Alex deGrootCumberland
5000mF 1 81st20:29.00Jacob OrnburnWesterly High School
5000mF 1 83rd18:46.00Brendan JohnsonCumberland
5000mF 1 87th19:14.00Mike CascioneSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 92nd18:53.00Nic PiazzaNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 94th21:24.00Garrett LavertyCumberland
5000mF 1 96th21:55.00Matthew PariThe Prout School
5000mF 1 97th21:28.00Jake DansereauCumberland
5000mF 1 98th18:56.00Sebastian ReischWesterly High School
5000mF 1 98th19:22.00Owen NoeckerMount Saint Charles Academy
5000mF 1 98th18:56.00Sebastian ReischWesterly High School
5000mF 1 102nd19:00.00Danny SheaNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 102nd21:01.00Mathieu BrissetteWesterly High School
5000mF 1 104th21:02.00Jacob DauphinaisWesterly High School
5000mF 1 107th21:39.00Andre GianfrancoEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 108th19:08.00Michael SwerdlowCumberland
5000mF 1 111th21:41.00Eric EssingtonEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 112th19:11.00Sam LutzelWesterly High School
5000mF 1 112th19:11.00Sam LutzeoWesterly High School
5000mF 1 116th22:15.00Stephen HerchenSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 117th21:48.00Kole SissonCumberland
5000mF 1 119th22:21.00Gabe GolinghorstNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 122nd22:23.00Josh BalmforthNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 123rd19:22.00Keith SissionCumberland
5000mF 1 125th22:24.00Calum LehrachThe Prout School
5000mF 1 126th19:23.00Aaron TallardyWesterly High School
5000mF 1 127th21:55.00Kevin SamekCumberland
5000mF 1 138th19:37.00Ethan LongoluccoThe Prout School
5000mF 1 139th19:38.00Jack ChausseThe Prout School
5000mF 1 146th22:13.00Cj PerroneEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 148th19:48.00Evan MarcetCumberland
5000mF 1 150th22:53.00Nathan RomeNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 157th19:54.00Nathan RogersCumberland
5000mF 1 163rd22:35.00Nicholas MasseCumberland
5000mF 1 165th22:37.00Christian TougasCumberland
5000mF 1 166th20:05.00Benjamin HappennyMount Saint Charles Academy
5000mF 1 167th20:06.00Alex CollinsSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 170th23:10.00Ryan LapradeNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 172nd22:46.00Jack MurphyCumberland
5000mF 1 175th20:16.00Ian LonerganNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 177th20:18.00Nathan McConnellThe Prout School
5000mF 1 182nd23:27.00Jacob GagnonNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 186th20:19.00Vedant BhagatSmithfield Senior High School
5000mF 1 189th20:20.00Andrew GoyetteMount Saint Charles Academy
5000mF 1 194th20:58.00Kane HallThe Prout School
5000mF 1 198th23:55.00Cian LeachNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 199th23:21.00Peter MardoCumberland
5000mF 1 204th23:27.00Arthur DevastoCumberland
5000mF 1 208th24:05.00Alex TheriaultNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 221st24:23.00Michael GarmanThe Prout School
5000mF 1 229th23:52.00Jack DemetrosEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 231st23:53.00Liam HeaneyCumberland
5000mF 1 248th24:59.00Bryce ClarkNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 253rd25:05.00michael slusarczykThe Prout School
5000mF 1 254th25:06.00Sean DennehyNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 254th24:11.00Drew BeckerCumberland
5000mF 1 257th24:14.00Zane RenziEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 259th24:15.00Roman GloriaEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 261st24:18.00Anthony MorgantiEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 273rd25:32.00Ethan BrennanNorth Kingstown High School
5000mF 1 281st24:54.00Suraj SaitEast Greenwich High School
5000mF 1 306th27:44.00Will ConfortiThe Prout School
5000mF 1 311th25:48.00Maxwell IwucCumberland
5000mF 1 318th25:59.00Josh DempseyCumberland
5000mF 1 320th26:00.00Garrett ChaseCumberland
5000mF 1 355th28:10.00Aidan HuntCumberland
5000mF 1 367th30:42.00Turner HawkCumberland
5000mF 1 385th23:48.00Michael TenreiroMount Saint Charles Academy
5000mF 1 400th24:58.00Ryan ChauvetteMount Saint Charles Academy
5000mF 1 405th25:23.00Kyle ChauvetteMount Saint Charles Academy

Woods Trail Run

Thetford Academy CC Course  Thetford, VT 
Oct 7, 2017
1,160 Total Performances (79 RI)

Elite Performances

Girls (37)
5000mF 1 39th21:32.78Tess GaglianoBarrington High School
5000mF 1 49th21:47.53Bronwyn CarpenterPonaganset High School
5000mF 1 52nd21:49.59Stephanie ChunBarrington High School
5000mF 1 57th21:59.55Lily SefranekBarrington High School
5000mF 1 60th22:03.12Meghan ZitzmannBarrington High School
5000mF 1 67th22:08.93Gianna BoothmanBarrington High School
5000mF 1 81st22:33.43Téa BishopBarrington High School
5000mF 1 101st22:48.38Sophia MayoThe Prout School
5000mF 1 104th22:50.00Victoria ThurleyThe Prout School
5000mF 1 106th22:50.86Lindsay TureonBarrington High School
5000mF 1 111th22:53.79Olivia ClyneBarrington High School
5000mF 1 127th23:10.30Mia NerbonnePonaganset High School
5000mF 1 140th23:24.60Emily PinchThe Prout School
5000mF 1 170th23:59.22Angelina BiaforePonaganset High School
5000mF 1 175th24:01.09Allie DrexlerPonaganset High School
5000mF 1 184th24:13.50Rylee MorinPonaganset High School
5000mF 1 186th24:13.94Charlotte LopiccoloPonaganset High School
5000mF 1 195th24:25.98Janice ChengBarrington High School
5000mF 1 204th24:38.27Stella MayoThe Prout School
5000mF 1 211th24:42.94Helene CummingsThe Prout School
5000mF 1 217th24:45.92Mary ReynoldsThe Prout School
5000mF 1 222nd24:48.85Sophie TirrellPonaganset High School
5000mF 1 247th25:23.08Jordynn PalethorpeBarrington High School
5000mF 1 257th25:31.05Erin BarstowBarrington High School
5000mF 1 265th25:42.10Caroline RickermanBarrington High School
5000mF 1 281st26:06.66Katherine BerryhillBarrington High School
5000mF 1 334th27:20.90Adeline QuasBarrington High School
5000mF 1 335th27:21.01Lucia CampomanesBarrington High School
5000mF 1 341st27:37.04Kathryn RizzoPonaganset High School
5000mF 1 342nd27:37.78Meridith KaplanBarrington High School
5000mF 1 348th27:49.20Cailyn LuBarrington High School
5000mF 1 356th28:00.66Mariah KingThe Prout School
5000mF 1 363rd28:09.26Julia BeaudreaultPonaganset High School
5000mF 1 364th28:10.98Anna SantosPonaganset High School
5000mF 1 374th28:29.00Jackie ByrneThe Prout School
5000mF 1 428th30:35.26Tori NelsonPonaganset High School
5000mF 1 448th32:12.02Ellie HeaneyPonaganset High School
Boys (42)
5000mF 1 8th17:10.59Sam HarwoodPonaganset High School
5000mF 1 13th17:27.29Eliot LaidlawBarrington High School
5000mF 1 18th17:35.00Matt RenePonaganset High School
5000mF 2 32nd17:56.80Seth DrexlerPonaganset High School
5000mF 1 48th18:21.10Brian DonohueBarrington High School
5000mF 1 49th18:24.63Dominic PortelliBarrington High School
5000mF 1 64th18:34.96James GunnessBarrington High School
5000mF 1 72nd18:42.20Kevin ColburnPonaganset High School
5000mF 1 82nd18:46.36Tom HarknessPonaganset High School
5000mF 1 93rd18:56.36Declan BeltramPonaganset High School
5000mF 2 113th19:08.40Andrew CookeBarrington High School
5000mF 2 168th19:43.30John TammaroPonaganset High School
5000mF 2 173rd19:45.90Peter LanguirandBarrington High School
5000mF 2 196th20:05.30Dylan HuntBarrington High School
5000mF 2 214th20:12.10C.j HiltyBarrington High School
5000mF 2 253rd20:33.80Steven AlvaradoPonaganset High School
5000mF 3 277th20:46.65Conor McgartollBarrington High School
5000mF 3 289th20:54.55Robbie DubelBarrington High School
5000mF 2 298th21:01.90Max AgustinBarrington High School
5000mF 2 316th21:10.00Charles GugliemoBarrington High School
5000mF 4 353rd21:31.40Shane MarxPonaganset High School
5000mF 2 365th21:37.60Malcolm MacleanPonaganset High School
5000mF 3 375th21:43.08Matt PeecherBarrington High School
5000mF 3 378th21:44.63Robert HoldenPonaganset High School
5000mF 4 379th21:44.93Evan StabachBarrington High School
5000mF 3 415th22:06.90Alex BergemannPonaganset High School
5000mF 4 421st22:10.35Jack PeruginiBarrington High School
5000mF 5 433rd22:16.94Adam CoppleBarrington High School
5000mF 3 465th22:49.84Jon DoolittlePonaganset High School
5000mF 3 471st22:59.31Jackson Obel-omiBarrington High School
5000mF 4 479th23:07.04Travis BergeronPonaganset High School
5000mF 2 482nd23:09.70Sam WohleverBarrington High School
5000mF 4 521st23:39.55Jackson MontourBarrington High School
5000mF 5 542nd23:53.61Tristin WilliamsPonaganset High School
5000mF 5 544th23:54.13Eli GouinPonaganset High School
5000mF 5 545th23:55.68Alexander GeiserBarrington High School
5000mF 5 547th23:57.83Nick GiorgianniPonaganset High School
5000mF 5 586th24:57.70Trevor MohlmanBarrington High School
5000mF 5 601st25:36.99Jordan FreijBarrington High School
5000mF 5 623rd27:05.51Adam RichardsonPonaganset High School
5000mF 5 624th27:06.43Denis OumyskovBarrington High School
5000mF 5 629th27:39.05Douglas DubelBarrington High School